If one of your projects is to find someone to share your life, dreams, and purposes, having a professional Affective Advice is the safest and smartest path. To ease and streamline difficult tasks, the ideal is to seek the support of qualified professionals to obtain the best results, with safety, agility, money saving, and guaranteed return. Count on the expertise of Cristtina Morelli, ahead of VipClass for over 20 years.


Our portfolio has a great diversity of profiles, with characteristics in common: they are intelligent, successful people who don’t have time to waste.


Your data and photos will never be exposed on the web. Submissions take place with the consent of both parties.


All profiles are audited, with strict criteria preventing the possibility of unpleasant surprises.

Is finding the love of your life important?
For me it is!

Cristtina Morelli, Directress

Cristtina Morelli

The Agency Has More Than 7,000 Clients

Entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists, teachers, are some of the profiles that have already gone through or are in the Cris Morelli agency portfolio | VipClass Affective Advisory.

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Cristtina Morelli has been working for over 20 years as a matchmaker, being recognized as one of the first professionals in the country. Furthermore, with so many years of experience as a directress of VipClass, hiring the services of this affective advisor is a guarantee of being served by someone who really knows what is doing.

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Under appointment, you will be interviewed personally and in detail by Cris Morelli herself. In this chat, she will get to know you better and will gather important information about you and the profile you are looking for.

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Every client is unique – at our agency, you can be sure that this maxim is taken very seriously.

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With the tabulated information, our matchmaker makes a careful evaluation of all the possibilities. As soon as she finds the candidate closest to your ideal, the presentations are made.

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Unlike apps, presentations are worked individually, that is: one presentation at a time, without competition.

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No unpleasant surprises: you'll only meet people who are really free, unhindered. Cris Morelli's Commitment | VipClass Affective Advisory.


Who is Cristtina Morelli?

Cris Morelli

Mother of two daughters and grandmother of two granddaughters, Cristtina Morelli is passionate about uniting people with the same purpose, in healthy and lasting relationships. With clients in Brazil and in other countries around the world, she has its main base in Porto Alegre/RS and has been working for more than 20 years, in front of VipClass, with the affective advisory service. Ethics, confidentiality, seriousness, and commitment are the pillars of this work that you need to know. Schedule your interview and find out everything a professional matchmaker can do for your personal fulfillment. Remember: happiness and love are serious things.


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