Cristtina Morelli

I waited some time, in the first presentation I didn’t like the girl, 15 days later there was a new presentation, that’s when I met Roberta. We are dating and very happy, I found my great love. Gerson

I wanted someone to date, and it was important that he had financial independence. I wanted someone active, who liked to travel. Soon I was enchanted by Frederico’s blue eyes in the photo they showed me. Between the registration and the decision to live under the same roof, almost a year passed. We are so happy that we have found each other in this life. We like being together, traveling, watching movies. Berenice

It was through Cris and Vip Class that I met Fabrício, my current husband. The wait was not easy… I was registered for over a year, until I met him. I admit that I got discouraged several times, but now I know it was worth every minute of my wait… He was my destiny! Sabrina

I wanted a lasting relationship. In less than three months of registration, I found the person I was looking for, Jurandir. We went to a mall, talked and soon we could see that there was a lot in common. With baby steps we got to know each other. Today we are happier. I recommend it to everyone who feels the need. I never gave up on finding happiness. Never. Laura

Years ago, I registered with Cris on VipClass, and I believe I was very lucky! I met Katia in just ten days! She is without a doubt the woman of my life; we got married and we have a wonderful daughter. I’m very grateful! Jones